REGENERATIVE - Bringing into renewed existence; generating again.

Sustainable development is a broken concept. For nearly 50 years we have set ourselves the goal of sustaining the Earth's capacity to support us whilst growing our economies and communities. We have failed. We have massively depleted the natural environment's capacity to support life and the diversity of that life itself. Now the focus has to shift to regenerating the biocapacity and biodiversity of the Earth if we are to secure our own future.

SETTLEMENT - A place, typically one which has previously been uninhabited, where people establish a community.

People need somewhere to live - settlements. Typically these are places where nature is swept aside as man moves in. In addition, villages, towns and cities draw on the natural resources of land close to and far from them to meet the needs of their populations - additional environmental impacts.


Regenerative Settlement is the idea that human settlement does not have to deplete the environment it occupies - it can actually make things better for the natural world and its inhabitants by being designed and lived in differently - a form of human settlement which also takes care of the environment. 

The idea is given extra power because much of the countryside we seek to protect is also no longer natural, but instead man-made - mainly agriculture and forestry. These have also often depleted natural resources so there is an opportunity here for Regenerative Settlement to make farming, forestry and other uses we make of land much better too.